Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses remains a family owned & operated business and we are very proud to offer you these award-winning cakes & savouries, fresh from our ovens...

    2015 Victorian Baking Show

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has taken first prize in both decorated cake categories at the Victorian Baking Show. The Easter-themed Novelty Cake and Chocolate Decorated Mud topped over 300 total entries from over 50 bakeries from across Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses was officially awarded Victoria’s Best Sausage Roll at the Baking Association of Victoria, 2015 Victorian Baking Show held over the weekend. Click here to read more

    2014 Victorian Baking Show

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses has taken first prize in both decorated cake categories at  the 2014 Victorian Baking Show as well as awards for our Banana Bread and Fruit Flan.  


    2012 Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are the proud recipients of a Gold Medal for our Butter Chicken Pie along with 6 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals! We'd like to thank our terrific pastrycooks and some very time-tested recipes for these awards. Enjoy some award winning pies today.

    2010 Official Great Aussie Meat Pie & Gourmet Pie Competitions

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses were the proud recipients of silver and bronze medal awards for a range of plain beef and gourmet pies this year. We'd like to thank our terrific pastrycooks and some very time-tested recipes for these awards!

    2010 Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

    On Wednesday 2nd June 2010, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses were honoured to be inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame alongside such great companies as Bluescope Steel and Kraft Foods. We'd like to thank our wonderful staff for their commitment and contribution to our wonderful culture and we look forward to continuing our family tradition of baking quality cakes and savouries for another 100 years.

    Australia's most prestigious environmental award...

    On Friday 27th July 2009, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses were officially named as the winners of the 2009 Origin Gold Banksia Award for excellence in sustainability. There is no other award held in such high esteem as the Banksia's and we're truly honoured and humbled to be the recipients of this year's award.


    Both the Ferguson and Plarre families attended the awards along with our key staff members. We're very excited to be helping to ensure our future generations inherit a world worth living in. The best thing is that it feels good to do the right thing and it's good for business too! We encourage all businesses to do the same thing.

    We commit to the Australian public and the world that we will continue to reduce our carbon & water footprint and where necessary offset emissions via tree planting.

    Rest assured that Ferguson Plarre cakes and pastries are being made with a smaller and smaller impact on the planet every year. Our ultimate goal is to provide delicious cakes and savouries that will not damage the planet but in fact make it a better place.

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses...making life sweet.

    Excellence in Sustainability
     Origin Gold Banksia Award winners

    Winners of the Great Aussie Pastie Competition!

    We're super excited to announce that our pasties won the National Great Aussie Pastie Competition held in Melbourne on 13th November 2008. We won both the highly coveted Meat & Vegetable section for our Original Tiddly Oggie and also won the Vegetarian section for our Wholemeal Tiddly Oggie.

    You be the judge...try our Tiddly Oggies today!

    Great Aussie Pastie Competition Winners

    5 Gold Medals at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2008!

    We're thrilled to announce that our Family Custard Tart, Baked Cheesecake, Fresh Cream Lamingtons, Buttercake and our Strawberry Cheesecake all won a Gold Medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards! To top off a great day our Strawberry Cheesecake was awarded the Overall Champion Dairy Dessert against quality competition from all over the state. Try one for yourself!  Gold Medal Winning Custard Tarts

    Australia's best Dairy Dessert - 2008!

    We're thrilled to announce that our Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake won the Highest Scoring Dairy Dessert at the 2008 Australian Dairy Awards! Up against desserts from all over Australia we are thrilled to say that this cake has been a favourite since we introduced it only a couple of years ago. It is made with a flourless chocolate cake base, covered in rich chocolate ganache and covered in chocolate shavings. Put a slice in the microwave for 10 seconds and it becomes a self-saucing flourless chocolate cake. Award winning Flourless Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Australia's best Apple Pies & Lamingtons!

    Our Apple Pies & Lamingtons both won 1st Place at the 2007 National Baking Competition held in Melbourne from 25-27th June. 

    Try Australia's best Apple Pies & Lamingtons for yourself!

    Award winning Lamingtons

    Award winning pies

    Every Ferguson Plarre pie has won a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal in the last 3 years! See below for a full list.                    

    Try one of our award winning pies for be the judge!

    Family Beef Pie

    Victoria's best Shortbread Biscuits!

    Try our 1st Place winning biscuits: Classic (dusted) Yo-Yos, Double Choc Rounds and Chocky Bears. All three varieties won 1st Place at the 2008 Victorian Baking Industry Awards.

    Try one for be the judge!

    Victoria's best Shortbread biscuits