Our Franchisees

    Our Franchisees

    If you’re a people person, believe in the power of outstanding customer service and love bakery products, then we would love to talk to you. Our best performing franchisees have a very positive outlook on life, are upbeat and are passionate about what they do. This is why they were officially voted the #1 most passionate franchisees in Australia…across all sectors. If this doesn’t sound like you then Ferguson Plarre is probably not the right choice. If it does then we'd love to welcome you into our franchise family and talk with you further about the bakery and cafe franchise opportunities available right now. In the meantime, here are a couple of stories from the family…

    Daniel Crouch - Multi-franchisee

    "I just knew that the Ferguson Plarre quality would go down a treat (no pun intended)."

    - Daniel Crouch

    Daniel Crouch is a multisite franchisee with 5 stores already and another 2 on the way. Like most of our franchisees, Daniel grew up on Ferguson Plarre cakes & savouries. His parents later opened their first Ferguson Plarre store in Eltham. Dan decided he wanted his own store(s).

    "Living in Geelong, I just knew that the Ferguson Plarre quality would go down a treat (no pun intended). My wife and I had operated a restaurant and decided a Ferguson Plarre would be a simpler option and we were right".

    "We opened our first store in November 2007. Within 4 years we had another 3 stores. Our average increase in sales across all stores is 17.7% this year and growing. Don't get me wrong, good food retailing is hard work but for us it's been absolutely worth it. It's all pretty exciting when you look back at the journey we've been on. Even my sister and her husband have a Ferguson Plarre store now, so it really is a family business!"

    Danielle & Tina Garipoli

    "Three generations of our family are involved"

    - Danielle & Tina Garipoli

    Sisters Danielle and Tina Garipoli joined forces to buy a Ferguson Plarre franchise after seeing first-hand how the model works.

    “Three generations of our family are involved with Ferguson Plarre, with seven stores all up. We saw first-hand how well the Ferguson Plarre model operated, so we had every confidence it was right for us as young business owners.”

    "Head office supports each of my businesses potential"

    - Todd Agius

    Todd Agius - Craigieburn Central

    Todd Agius is another multi-site franchisee, with 2 stores in Craigieburn and was impressed by the positive communication channels between franchisees and head office, and the willingness to discuss ideas about the company moving forward!

    "When considering joining Ferguson Plarre and then becoming a multi-unit franchisee, my decisions were highly influenced by the positive communication channels open between franchisees and the Plarre family and their accessibility and willingness to discuss ideas about the company going forward. I've always been able to share my thoughts and ideas and have forever had great confidence in our products.

    Consistency and competitive pricing have kept us ahead of the competition, whilst head office support and reliability from all departments, have ensured that I'm able to concentrate on maximizing my businesses potential."


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