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    A simple, royalty free bakery franchise business 

    Business Model

    The Ferguson Plarre model provides you with a simple, royalty-free bakery business that requires no baking experience and has proven itself during booming economic times as well as recessions. We do all the fiddly, messy, early morning baking which leaves you to do what you do best, provide hero customer service. Not only do we do the baking but we help find your site, negotiate your lease and build your store while you train. 

    Return on Investment

    Return on investment

    Every individual franchise is affected by a significant number of variables that impact the profitability of their investment. As a result, we cannot give an accurate indication of what profit you can expect from the operation of your Ferguson Plarre franchise. Once you’ve made an enquiry and we have received your Application Form, historical sales figures of existing Ferguson Plarre stores may be provided, along with a financial modelling tool to help you with your business plan.

    No royalty or marketing fees


    Ferguson Plarre operates a gross margin model. This means you simply purchase the products from us at Wholesale Pricing rates. Other than a small 3% admin levy at this rate we don’t charge you a royalty like most other systems. The reason we can do this is because we are your baker and generate income from the products we sell to you. You keep your full profit margins on cold drinks, coffee, sandwiches and baked goods. You do not have to pay a marketing levy. We fund all national marketing campaigns and brand development from the sale price of our goods to you.

    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Marketing
    Delivered fresh daily since 1901

    Ordered & delivered fresh daily

    Every store receives freshly baked, fully finished products daily, which means no baking or cooking is required in-store. Stores access a simple online ordering system, placing orders each evening, to receive fresh deliveries each morning. A dedicated team of on-staff drivers, using a green fleet, deliver and stock products ready for each day’s trade.

    Initial investment

    Individual franchisees will typically have an estimated total investment of between $250,000 and $350,000 ex GST. Along with this is a one-off Franchise Fee of $40,000.00 and a Security deposit of $30,000.00 refundable on exit pending settlement of all arrears.

    Your investment covers our training costs, legal documents, shop fit, equipment, opening store promotions and full access to our IP and store operating systems.

    Initial Investment

    Sweet Simplicity

    Sweet simplicity

    The Ferguson Plarre bakery franchise model is easily one of the simplest franchise businesses available. Baking all products centrally allows store owners to focus their attention on making high quality espresso coffee and delivering differentiated hero customer service.

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