Christmas Fundraising

Raise money with our award winning Christmas Tarts and Biscuits

With over 120 years of baking experience, FERGUSON PLARRE BAKEHOUSES Christmas products represent a great way to help your members enjoy delicious Christmas Tarts and Biscuits whilst raising funds for your group, community or charity.

We’ve been baking our Christmas Tarts and Biscuits for over a century. All products are still baked under the keen eye of 4th generation baker Michael Plarre.

All of our treats have a 60 day shelf life so you can promote and sell them to your customers in volume and with confidence.

6 easy step to fundraising with Ferguson Plarre

Step 1 – Plan

Start by identifying a date for your Fundraisers to collect their products from your local FERGUSON PLARRE. Give your local store a call to book in this date. Create a Fundraising Cover Letter to send to your members or use the template provided by Ferguson Plarre.

Step 2 – Dates & Distribution

Work out the date that order forms need to be returned to you. Allow yourself enough time to collate orders and notify your local Ferguson Plarre within 3 days of the collection date. Put the appropriate pick up date and store on the Orders Collector Form and the fundraising letter then distribute this Form to your students /members to start collecting orders.

Step 3 – Collect

Collect forms & money and start to tally all totals. Be sure to double check all orders before placing a Master Order. We need to charge you for what you've ordered. Use the Master Order Form provided to record all orders. If you need to send out reminder notices, please feel free to use the template provided.

Step 4 – Contact

Email your final order through to your local FERGUSON PLARRE BAKEHOUSE.

Step 5 – Pick Up

As the fundraiser organiser, you need to co-ordinate a suitable pick up date and time with your local store. You will then have to ensure that all customer have a receipt of their order that they will show when picking up their products from their local store. You will also need to inform them of the pick up date and time.

Step 6 – Celebrate & set a date for the next one!

Count your funds, celebrate your success with your team and set the date for your next Ferguson Plarre fundraiser!

We know fundraising requires an enormous amount of co-ordination and support because of this we offer a complete kit to assist you with your event. Ferguson Plarre put the FUN back into Fundraising by providing you with all the necessary tools to make your experience pleasurable.

Our handy fundraising kit contains:

Important Information


All year round - Our savoury fundraisers are available all year round. Orders must be placed at least 3 days prior to pick up

Minimum Orders:

A minimum order of $100 applies

Payment to store:

Must be made on day of collection or earlier.

Payment options:

Cash, Eftpos or Credit Card (no Cheques accepted)

Baked fresh:

Our Tarts & Biscuits are made fresh daily. As with all products, they are best consumed within 3 days of order.


All products have a 60 day shelf life.


Please handle with care when picking up.

Pick Up:

Products should be delivered to your members /customers within 2 hours of pickup. Responsibility for the temperature and handling of the food is yours once picked up. Please take care.

All orders will be packaged individually and your tasty treats will be ready for collection at your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse on your chosen day.

To arrange your Fundraiser simply enquire in store at your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse.