Custom Cake Inspiration Gallery

When something simple is out of the question, we've got the answer

Ferguson Plarre's talented cake decorators have been busy creating some magic with their amazing custom birthday cakes. What will your dream cake look like? Whatever you are looking for, we can help your dream come true. 

Take a look at some of best looking, custom-made cakes that we have made recently. 

 Custom-made celebration cake  Custom-made Christmas Cake
 Custom-made Farmyard Birthday cake  Custom-made Nightmare Before Christmas cake
 Custom-made Safari Birthday cake  Custom-made Minions Birthday cake
 Custom-made Birthday Cake  Custom-made kids birthday cake

Feeling inspired? If you are looking to order a Custom Cake, please have a think about the following things before ordering your custom cake. These details will help give the process some shape as your custom creating is being designed.

  • Is there a theme for your event?
  • If not, are there any images or photos that we can use as inspiration?
  • Who is the lucky person who will be receiving the cake?
  • How many people are you hoping to serve?
  • Are there any special elements that you would like to add to the cake?
  • Are there any special colours that you would like us to use on the cake?
  • What flavour would you like your cake to be?
  • What, if any, filling would you like in your cake?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you need your cake?

Once you feel you have all the information you need for your Custom cake order, why not have a chat to your local store and speak to any one of our lovely staff. They will organise for a quote for you based on what you require, and from their our cake magicians to work their magic!