Heat at Home Mini Oggies - 15 Pack Sale

Heat at Home Mini Oggies - 15 Pack

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Grab a heat at home pack of 15 Mini Oggies and pack the freezer! Made with 100% hormone free beef, onion, carrot & potato. Our classic Tiddly Oggie in bite size form.

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Our Mini Oggies are made with hormone free beef, onion, carrot, potato. Perfect to grab from the freezer for a snack

Serving Size

  • Serves 15 people


Store in refrigeration below 5C Here are our recommended reheating instructions for a lunch sized savoury - If you pop your lunch sized savoury in a traditional fan forced oven on at 180 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes (depending on your oven) then that should warm your lunch up nicely! However, please note – every oven is different, so use this as a guide only. Of course we recommend you check your oven at regular intervals.