Photo cakes

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses have been creating Photo Cakes for almost 20 years now, and have developed (pardon the pun) this process into a fine artform. We create 100s of photo cakes every week, with pictures of the family, pets, your favourite film or pop star or even something you have created yourself, all placed on top of your cake, along with a special, personalised message.

What is a Photo Cake?

Photo cakes are cakes that are decorated with a specially made edible image. This enables an edible decoration or image to be applied to the top of the cake with the same clarity as a magazine print! The photo cake image is designed on a computer and printed directly onto the edible page using approved edible inks. The edible image is then applied to the top of the cake.

If the top of the cake is a soft icing then the edible image often absorbs the moisture and sinks into the cream making it look like the image was printed directly onto the cake. Our talented team of cake decorators then take your cake and add the little flourishes that really help it to stand out from the crowd.

The technology to print photo cakes was developed shortly after the evolution of domestic bubble jet printers in the early 1990's. The technology enables almost anything to now be decorated onto the top of a cake with the most popular application being photos of friends and family members.

Companies are increasingly embracing photocakes to have their corporate logos decorated onto cakes in order to offer them as gifts to clients and to promote products - If you are looking for a truly unique and tasty corporate gift, have a chat to your local store today

Photocakes enable a persons photo or image to literally become 'the icing on the cake'.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses allows you to create your own photo cakes online by uploading your photo directly into our exclusive Designacake system. You can choose your cake type, style, colour and filling and even order the cake for pickup from any of our stores located all over Melbourne