Training & Support

Ferguson Plarre will support you through your entire franchise journey, from your first enquiry through to helping you to to exit the business when the time is right.


Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Training Team have been recognised and awarded for their training excellence at the 2020 LearnX Live Awards. The team have been awarded Gold for the Best Learning Model – Blended.

The LearnX Awards is an annual national event, which attracts a global audience and is run by the LearnX Foundation. The event attracts leading learning and training industry experts and organisations. Winners of awards were announced on Thursday 17th September 2020 at the LearnX Live Virtual Summit & Awards event.

The LearnX Foundation is non-profit organisation ‘that supports and promote advancements in workforce learning.’ Their undertaking ‘is to amplify the impact of learning and performance through a shared learning experience’

How we support our franchisees

Intelligent site selection

With over 80 stores we know the key success factors for great store locations. We use external industry specialists to support our site selections whilst our intelligence report highlights where our customers are coming from and which product categories are most likely to perform based on demographics sourced from the census. While Ferguson Plarre can't guarantee minimum sales performance, this process is intended to help reduce the chance of poor site selection. Furthermore, Ferguson Plarre takes the head lease on all sites, meaning we share in the risks associated with site selection.

Accredited finance makes it easier

The Ferguson Plarre franchise system is proudly accredited with a number of finance suppliers, who allow you to borrow against the value of your Ferguson Plarre franchise. We’ll introduce you to the appropriate representatives and can assist you with your business plan to help make your submission as smooth as possible.


With our dedicated in-house marketing team we have can offer fantastic marketing support to centrally manage brand image, design and promotional activity including Radio advertising and our ongoing Cake Catalogue series. Furthermore we manage significant digital assets on your behalf including our full e-commerce site and social media platforms. These are yours to take advantage of when you join our franchise family. In addition to national marketing, we help you to set up your own local area marketing plan for your specific customer segment and area and our Franchisees just love the fact that we don't charge a Marketing levy for any of our activity.

Business support

Franchising should be about being in business for yourself but not by yourself. This is why we provide you with a dedicated Business Support Manager. Your Business Support Manager is your first point of contact for all aspects of your business and will provide you with personalised support including recruitment & HR, local area marketing, sales budgeting, performance management, mentoring, problem solving and more.

Group learning

One of the key advantages of being part of a good franchise network is your capacity to leverage the learnings of the entire network. Ferguson Plarre allows you to see how all franchisees are performing across key business areas like average transaction value and sales growth. We hold mandatory quarterly group learning & sharing forums with all franchisees called POD sessions. This is a fantastic event for knowledge sharing and gives the franchisor and franchisees an open forum within which to discuss everything from sales performance to new product development.


Despite the simplicity of our system, there is still a lot to learn about the Ferguson Plarre way of doing things. Our internationally recognised, Award Winning training team's extensive training program is designed to train you on everything from how to order a celebration cake to food safety and how to use our computerised point of sale system. This includes 4 weeks of formal training and our unique 26 week program for support and follow up. Moving forward, your Business Support Manager will work with you to ensure that your customer service team is trained in every aspect of the in-store customer experience also.