About Us

Ferguson Plarre's Bakehouse is a 4th generation family bakery serving up award winning savouries, coffee, sweet treats and party cakes. With over 85 retail outlets across Victoria we bake thousands of people happy every day. Find out more about this century old business and learn how you can join our network and own your very own bakery.

Our Product Range

We make our own - it’s important

Why is this important? Well at Ferguson Plarre we’re foodies at heart. You won’t find us buying cakes and savories from bakeries who might also be supplying your local competitor or supermarket, we just think this is plain wrong. We like knowing that Mike is baking the pies (he’s been with us for over 35 years) and that his son works alongside him. We like knowing that Cory (25 years) is mixing the cheesecakes and we like knowing that Lyn (35 years) is decorating your customer’s precious birthday cakes and we think you will too.

Most importantly, the only way we can be sure that the best ingredients are being used is by sourcing them ourselves. Otto Plarre didn’t start this business to have us contract out all the important stuff. It’s a key point of difference that protects your investment and that’s something you can take to the bank.

The latest trends in cakes

At Ferguson Plarre you won’t find yourself limited to the latest cupcake or pie trend or to certain times of the day for vital trade. Our full range bakery model ensures that you can take advantage of any new bakery trends while still relying on your ‘bread and butter’ trade from morning through to lunch and dinner.

Products fit for a Queen

Ferguson Plarre products are made from all Australian, premium quality ingredients using time-tested recipes, some of which have not changed in over 100 years. We use real eggs in our custard tarts, not powder…fresh cream, not mock…we use free-range eggs and our savouries feature hormone-free beef and premium Victorian chicken. Most importantly, customers can taste the difference. Our products have attracted hundreds of awards over the years and as a result of this we’re very proud to have served both the Queen of England and the President of the United States…for real!

Coffee is esspress-ially important

The Ferguson Plarre model is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the fantastic sales & profits generated from coffee, without making it central to our success. Why is this important? To remain relevant and differentiated in a coffee-saturated market, it’s vital that Ferguson Plarre remains a full-range bakery that sells premium espresso coffee and not become a coffee shop that happens to sell cakes. This is important for your investment and ours.

Our Awards

Award Winning Franchising

We are very proud to have been named one of Australia's top food franchises every year since 2017 in the Top Franchise Awards. With top 10 rankings in all categories such as Brand, Expansion, Marketing, Passion, Support & Training you can be sure that you are in safe hands when it comes to your future business.

A Triumph of Training Talent

Ferguson Plarre Training Team have been recognised and awarded for their training excellence at the 2020 LearnX Live Awards. The team have been awarded Gold for the Best Learning Model – Blended.

The LearnX Awards is an annual national event, which attracts a global audience and is run by the LearnX Foundation. The event attracts leading learning and training industry experts and organisations. Winners of awards were announced on Thursday 17th September 2020 at the LearnX Live Virtual Summit & Awards event.

The LearnX Foundation is non-profit organisation ‘that supports and promote advancements in workforce learning.’ Their undertaking ‘is to amplify the impact of learning and performance through a shared learning experience’

Product Awards

Food is what we're famous for and we're proud to have won hundreds of prizes and medals for our savouries, cakes and sweet treats over the last hundred years. Recently our famous pastie, the Tiddly Oggie, was recognised as Australia’s Best Traditional Pastie in 2020 and our Large Sausage Roll was voted Victoria’s Best by the Baking Association of Victoria.

Read more about our award-winning products here.

Steve Plarre - Australia's Top Franchise Executive!

Steve Plarre, CEO of Victorian-based Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, has taken out the number one spot. A franchise juggernaut who has introduced a high performers group for franchisees, Plarre has led the fourth-generation family business into the digital age.

Described by judges as “an inspiring leader that shows patience, endurance and drive” Plarre achieved results across the six categories on which executive submissions were evaluated: leadership, best practice, innovation, franchise citizenship, promoting positive franchising and personal development.

Judges commented “His passion and enthusiasm for his company and franchising is evident; he has an impressive and relentless dedication to personal professional development.”