A history of Eclairs

Did you know that Eclair is the French word for lightning. It is believed that the pastry received its name because it glistens when coated with confectioner's glaze.

Little is known about the origin of the eclair, but it is known to have originated in France around the turn of the nineteenth century. Many food historians speculate that eclairs were first made by Marie-Antoine Carême, a famous pastry chef for French royalty.

Oxford English Dictionarytraces the term "eclair" in the English language to 1861. The first known recipe for eclairs appears in the Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, published in 1884.

June 22nd is celebrated as Chocolate Eclair day, origins are not known at this time.

Source: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89clair 

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are famous for their chocolate eclairs. Most eclairs are unfortunately cut in half and piped with fresh cream or custard. This results in the cream losing moisture and developing a hard 'crust' over the period of a day.

At Ferguson Plarre we use a high quality choux pastry and leave the hollow shell entirely intact by injecting every eclair with freshly whipped cream. This means that the cream staying as fresh as possible and ensures it won't dry out.

You be the judge...try one of our trademark Chocolate Eclairs today!

Ferguson Plarre's Mini Eclair collection 

Mini Eclairs have been causing a stir in patisseries across France and New York for a few years now, and now the time has come for Victorians to get a taste of the delight – and should you ‘Dare to éclair’ there's no doubt you will fall madly in love with the perfectly sized and deliciously decadent Plarre’s Mini Eclair collection.

With Plarre’s Mini Eclair collection having hit the shelves, you won't have to wait long to 'D’éclair your love’

Michael Plarre, Fourth Generation Baker said, “Our Family was arguably one of the first to bring Eclairs to Australia, and we have had plenty of time to perfect the recipe. However, over the years tastes have changed and our consumers craved something new.

In response to this and following our extreme success with Mini Donuts we wanted to explore another mini product. We know we do Eclairs extremely well and are always keen to try and push the boundaries on our classics, all this combined to create the Plarre’s Mini Éclair.”

 Plarre's Eclair Collection