Does Ferguson Plarre use real ingredients?

We only use the very best ingredients like 100% traditional custard made the old fashioned way with real eggs. Why? Because everyone knows they taste better than that fake, watery custard you find in so many custard tarts! When it comes to fresh cream, we use only the very best fresh cream available.

Fresh ingredients are the secret to award-winning cakes. We use fresh ingredients wherever possible, like the apple in our Apple Shortcakes & Apple Slices. As a result they won 1st Place in the 2007 National Baking Competition.

Where does Ferguson Plarre source its ingredients from?

As much as possible we like to source our ingredients locally. For example, our pies are proudly made with 100% Victoria Beef.

We proudly source only the best Australian lean beef from Kyneton, Geelong & the Warrnambool rain belt areas.

Does Ferguson Plarre do their bit for the environment?

We're very excited to be helping to ensure our future generations inherit a world worth living in. The best thing is that it feels good to do the right thing and it's good for business too! We encourage all businesses to do the same thing.

We commit to the Australian public and the world that we will continue to reduce our carbon & water footprint and where necessary offset emissions via tree planting.

Rest assured that Ferguson Plarre cakes and pastries are being made with a smaller and smaller impact on the planet every year. Our ultimate goal is to provide delicious cakes and savouries that will not damage the planet but in fact make it a better place.

How long does it take to create a custom cake?

Our Custom Cakes are all hand made by our talented team of cake decorators and as such have a longer lead time than many of our other designs. Each of our Custom Cakes has a lead time of up to 14 days.

How do you create your custom cakes?

Our Custom Cakes are inspired by the best cake decorators from around the world. We encourage our Guests to get in touch with us with their ideas for a cake and we'll do our best to match that request based on what we can see.