Leftover Wedding Cake Ideas

Tradition dictates that you should freeze the top tier of your wedding cake and eat it on your one year anniversary!

We know that you don’t get married every day, but your Wedding Cakes is something that you really want to savour. There must be many happy couples who barely even get to taste their wedding cake?

There’s lots of ways to keep memories of your wedding day going through sweet and delicious ideas and if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers from your wedding cake, we’ve got some great ideas on what you could do with it. Here’s some of the best out there:

Every Celebration Needs Cake

Serve cake from your wedding day at your future child’s christening or another momentous celebration in your family. The “good luck” tier will bring back beautiful memories from your big day.

Have Home Need Cake

“Christen” your newly purchased house (if you’ve bought it after the wedding) by defrosting your top cake tier. Spend your first night there feeding each other the first few bites and sipping fine champagne.

Cake for Wedding Breakfast

Take any leftover wedding cake home and let guests dig in at your after-party or morning-after brunch! Many guests skip cake after a huge wedding feast, or they are too busy dancing the night away, so this is a great way for them (and probably you, too) to get a full slice. Plus, serving cake you’ve already paid for is a brilliant budget-saver, after all, it is yours to enjoy.

No-one Misses Out On Wedding Cake

Serve your cake a month or two after the big day, when friends or family members who couldn’t attend your wedding come to visit. They’ll love getting to share your wedding cake with you after the disappointment of missing out on your big day, and you’ll love being able to share this magic moment with them as well.

Thank Your Parents With Cake

Invite your parents over for a thank-you dinner to express gratitude for their financial contributions to the wedding and/or invaluable planning support. Surprise them by serving your wedding cake’s top tier as dessert. Again, it’s a freebie for you, and they’ll love the sweet gesture. Besides, if they were circulating during the reception, maybe they didn’t get a slice that day, either!

Reward Yourself

Reward yourselves for getting all of your thank-you notes done with some cake and champagne. As if you needed an excuse

Romance Ain’t Dead

Celebrate a romantic anniversary. It can be your actual wedding anniversary, the anniversary of the date you got engaged, or even the new trend of celebrating the six-months married mark. Break out the special plates from your registry!

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