Spooky Wedding Cakes

Cake Decorators are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to wedding cakes, creating more and more elaborate designs that seem to defy the limits of what sugar and flour should be able to do!

Throw in the added challenge of making a cake that the bride of Frankenstein would drool over, and you’ll find the many bakeries rising to the occasion with clever creepy, crawly, and masterfully macabre creations as they take on a Halloween-themed wedding cake requests.

A Halloween wedding would be great for couples whose favourite holiday is more freaky than festive. Though it seems a bit unconventional, there is something sweet about beginning a new chapter of life on a day that historically honoured the deceased. After all, you are promising to love each other until death do you part

Here’s some spooky wedding cakes that look good enough to sink your fangs into:

A lot of these cakes take their inspiration from classic spooky stories & movies like Frankenstein, Beetlejuice and Day of the Dead, whilst other channel the eeriness of gothic skulls or blood-splattered tiers in their cake designs.

Pumpkin Wedding Cake

So this may not be spooky necessarily but it’s definitely in the right festive season. A tiered pumpkin wedding cake, complete with autumnal leaves would be perfect for any wedding, to show off the fact that change really is in the air for one lucky couple!

Zombie Wedding Cake

We bet there wouldn’t just be zombies hanging out to take a bite out of this wedding cake. Dawnne Page. I Heart Spooky Cakes. Pinterest

This amazing wedding cake looks just as gory on the inside as it looks good on the outside. This isn’t your classic wedding cake that’s for sure, with sugar blood and jammy guts spilling out of the inside, this is one wedding cake that is sure to leave an impression at any wedding!

Hearts a Mess Wedding Cake

Every member of the wedding party can eat their heart out with this great wedding cake. Each slice comes with an extra bit of love, no doubt pumping from the decorative heart on top!

Day of the Dead Wedding Cake

The Day of the dead may sound like a depressing way to start off your new life together, but, did you know that the happy spirits that are floating around your wedding will provide protection, good luck and wisdom to you and your families.

Each tier of this spectacular cake is decorated with edible red roses. The first two tiers are iced in black, with a white cake on top, decorated with a True Love Heart and topped with edible hand made skulls. Feeling inspired? Why not order this cake for your wedding!