Naked Wedding Cakes – The Perfect Guest

Our talented cake decorators have been working hard to bring you the next big wedding cake craze, the Naked Wedding Cake. Don’t worry, the team are fully clothed, it’s just the cakes that are naked! The best part? They are fully customizable so your wedding cake can match perfectly to your wedding!

More and more brides opt to serve ‘naked cakes’ – pared-down creations that forgo an outer layer of icing so that the texture of the cake and the colours inside the cake are on show – Coming in both Vanilla & Chocolate sponge cake flavours, the great thing about a Naked Wedding Cake is that you can make sure the cake perfectly matches your own bridal bouquet!

Don’t want fresh flowers on your cake? No worries our fantastic team of designers can create amazing sugar flowers to place around your cake. The great thing about a Naked Wedding Cake is that it really gives the bride and groom the chance to make their wedding cake their own.

Let them eat Naked Wedding Cake!

Baby’s Breath Naked Wedding Cake

This beautiful Baby’s Breath Naked Wedding Cake will add a touch of class to any wedding! Add your own flowers to match your wedding bouquet, or ask us to create an array of beautiful hand crafted sugar flowers to add to your cake!.

Roses & Fern Naked Wedding Cake

The Roses & Fern Naked Wedding Cake comes as standard with three tiers of delicious Chocolate or Vanilla sponge cake packed with a choice of Vanilla or Chocolate butter cream. Customise your Naked Wedding Cake, and add your own flowers to match your bouquet!

Strawberries & Cream – Naked Meringue Wedding Cake

With two tiers of hand made strawberry meringues packed with fresh cream, this beautiful Strawberries and Cream Naked Meringue Wedding Cake will add a touch of class, and colour to your wedding!

Order a Strawberry & Cream Meringue Naked Wedding Cake Online Now

Thai Orchids Tower of Love Naked Wedding Cake

Like what you see? Order your Wedding Cakes Online with Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses and make your special day even more spectacular!

Wedding cakes are an important part of any wedding day. On the big day, the cake is sliced and admired, and a year later, the couple breaks out the leftovers to celebrate their first anniversary. Though the ritual remains, the appearance of a wedding cake has not stayed the same. In recent years, the classic three-tiered tower with all the bridal fixings has taken a turn… for the better.

Do you want to know the most spectacular thing about these wedding cakes? They are all available to order online or in store at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses