The Love Line - Our Love Gurus Answer Your Questions!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Ferguson Plarre Love Line this Valentine's Day, our Love Guru’s have been through your questions and answered their favourites! You can find all their answers below.

Ron & Dot Answer Your Questions!

Q.How have you dealt with minor annoyance the other may have? Not the big things but the day to day irritations.... thanks in advance

Ron & Dot - Has this problem been discussed or is it only your opinion? Does he/ she know they are damn annoying? If not tell them , we did and although it took a while we now have it worked out so keep at it and good luck .

Q.What's the secret to a successful marriage of many years?

Ron & Dot - Try not to worry about money as it will become a problem. Tell me this - did you have enough money to get engaged -no, to get married - no , to buy a car -no, to buy a house -no, to have kids -no. So be happy as we only go this way once ,enjoy and good luck .

Q.What is your secret for accepting your partners flaws?

Ron & Dot - How on earth do I answer that?! Even when she is wrong she is right , so look at your partner’s good points. There has to be some or you would not be together, right? So, give them a kiss and tell them you love them – there isn’t enough love in the world. Hang in there and good luck .

Q.Did you find the relationship changed after retirement and how did you find having so much time together after a lifetime of working ?

Ron & Dot - We found that we spent time doing things together such as morning melodies, dancing, bingo, lunches and seeing different people which gave us lots to talk about, as we could not do this when working. So, if anything it changed for the better. Good luck.

Q.I have been with my husband since we were 13 and now married for 32. We love each other's company still but after so many years together and literally experiencing everything while growing up together there is not much to talk about anymore. How do you stop boredom setting in for our future twilight years?

Ron & Dot - Do not become a homebody. Make sure between the two of you, you have plenty to do. Join a travel club , go to bingo, dancing, morning melodies - there are heaps of things to do and then you meet new people and have lots to talk about in the evenings. Good luck you will love it .

Q.How did you know you’d met the partner who was right for you?

Ron & Dot - That will take some time. She was cute, shy and we did lots of things together for four years before tying the knot 64 years ago. The answer is maybe 12 months finding out the likes and dislikes, expectations and dreams, what can someone else give me , what has someone else got that she has not. The answer was nothing so here we are . Hard question but good luck .

Helen + Matt

Q.Can love conquer anything?

In the face of incompatibility (a huge difference in values, a wildly different life plan, a different approach to domestic labour or money), love by itself might not be enough to overcome the things that you just can't compromise on.

Q.How did you know they were the one?

Helen: I knew Matt was the one because he was interested in my stories and anything I had to say, he was excited about spending time with me, he was as affectionate as me and helpful when I had panic attacks.

Matt: Helen laughed at all my jokes, she was kind to me and most importantly, loved spending time with me.

Q.How do I tell my husband he can't share my @fergusonplarrebakehouses cake with me and he needs his own slice when he wants to be cute and share mine, but I want all of mine 🧐

The Queen deserves all the cake there is!

Q.What's the secret of a happy relationship?

There is no secret! The person you're with should want to spend time with you, and listen to what you have to say, and explore places or interests that you suggest.

Q.How often do you go on "date night" and do you think it's important to do? 😍❤️

Nearly every night since moving in together has felt like a date night. We almost always have a sit-down dinner, and say Grace before we eat, where we list the things we're grateful for. Some evenings we go for a walk, and watch a show or just have a cup of tea and talk. We are each other's favourite person to be around.

Q.Do you ever get embarrassed or lie when people ask how you two met?

We're not embarrassed at all. Dating apps are just a vehicle for meeting people, the same as singles nights, speed dating or expensive matchmaking services.

Q.Where you both searching on tinder for a while before you found each other?

Helen: A year and a half had passed since my last relationship ended, and I was definitely looking for another relationship. I was 28 and no longer interested in casual dating. I had a clear picture of the person I was looking for, and the type of behaviour I wouldn't tolerate anymore.

Matt: On and off for about a year. There were a few dates in between but nothing as memorable as meeting Helen.

Angela + Dave

Q.Have you ever forgot about an important date or anniversary? If so how did you both react?

Angela: We still acknowledge our anniversary of meeting monthly and getting engaged annually. I am very organised and always remember (plus a phone reminder helps!).

Dave: I’m not as good as remembering as Angela is, but this is now a little joke between us. She will call me and say, guess what today is? and I always reply, I don't know!

Q.Did trust come automatically for you both or did you have to work at it a lot?

Angela: I have always found it easy to trust, unless a person’s behaviour is dubious.

Dave: I took longer to trust in our relationship due to a prior marriage breakup. It helped that Angela reassured me that she loved me and was happy. We have separate friends and go away on holidays sometimes separately but chat on the phone daily and share about our day. This reinforces our trust.

Q.❤️ Love is Sweet ❤️ You mentioned daily rituals, walks, catch ups and trust being key..My question for you Angela & David is ‘Do you think people are made for each other?❤️

Angela: No. A person may sound perfect on paper but in person there might just not be that chemistry or a spark. A friend maybe, but not a partner in love and life. Also many things make a great relationship and this can be different for different people, at different ages, life experience....

Also what if you think you met the 'one meant for you ' and the relationship didn't happen or continue, do you not seek love in the future? I think there are lots of great people who would be great for you and timing is a big factor.

Dave: Yes, I do. There is no better feeling then knowing a person and feeling secure in a relationship. And that they’re there there for the good and bad. I focus on the positive in my relationship and supporting her in what she wants to achieve.

David & Julie

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