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Classic Jam Donut - Pack of Six

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Serves 6

Pillowy balls of tasty goodness filled with delicious raspberry jam. These light and fluffy donuts are made fresh every day guaranteeing quality. Perfect with your morning coffee. Available as part of our mix and match packs!

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Our Classic Jam Donuts filled with raspberry jam! Balls of light and tasty goodness piped with lashings of delicious raspberry jam - Perfect with a coffee! The first donut machine was invented in 1920, in New York City, by a man named Adolph Levitt. Technology might have come a long way since then, but we think some things are best left to tradition. Our donuts stay true to the classic treat light and tasty. We're happy to say our donuts don't have gooey centers or nuts to conceal them, just lashings of the most delicious raspberry jam!

Serving Size

Serves 6 people


Store at ambient temperature away from direct sunlight.