Pink Baby Dinosaurs Cake

Pink Baby Dinosaurs Cake


Party Serves 30 or 50

Have a rawr-ing party with our Pink Baby Dinosaurs Cake. Your favourite cake flavour covered in pink buttercream, a combo of mint buttercream, decorated ferns, cute baby dinosaurs, sprinkles and decorative balls. Picture: Standard Size 6” x 6” and serves 30 people.

Pick up and delivery available in 7 days

Prices may vary in store. Pick up and delivery available in 7 days - Please order by 4pm to ensure availability. Choose a date & location at checkout. Please note that product availability may change as a result of a Covid lockdown period.
Cancellation Policy

This product has a 7 day lead time so if you do need to cancel this order, you will need to do so 7 days or more ahead of pick up.

Our 7 day policy is in place for the following reasons:

  1. To allow enough time for any specific decorations that need to be ordered or hand crafted by one of our decorating specialists. The custom sugar work involved can take days of crafting, curing and painting once stock arrives from suppliers.
  2. Our cake decorators are in high demand and their rosters are created weeks in advance to ensure we meet the needs for all of our customers and their decorated cake orders.
  • We accept:

*Please note all ball decorations are non-edible

Cake Size 6" x 6" Round Serves 30 People

Cake Size 7" x 9" Round Serves 50 People

Standard Serving Size - 5cm x 2.5cm

Serving Size

Serves 30 or 50 people (5cm x 2.5cm)
Standard Serving Size - 5cm x 2.5cm


These designs can be stored at room temperature. In hot weather we advise keeping your cake chilled to prevent the Buttercream from melting.

Hot Tip: cakes are much nicer to cut if they have been chilled for a few hours.