Sugar Star Present

Sugar Star Present


Serves:  Coffee 32 Party 22

This fully iced cake is complete with satin ribbon and parcel bow, decorated with stars as well as wired stars exploding from the centre. Customise in any colour to suit your theme.

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Please note: Colours of all decorations will be chosen at the discretion of the decorator to match the cake design

18cm Square serves 18 dessert serves and 25 coffee serves.

20cm Square serves 22 dessert serves and 32 coffee serves.

25cm Square serves 30 dessert serves and 50 coffee serves.

33cm Square serves 52 dessert serves and 85 coffee serves.

Serving Size

Coffee serves 32 people (2.5cm x 2.5cm)
Serves 22 people (5cm x 2.5cm)


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