At Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses we want you to know exactly what you’re eating so you can make the decisions that are most important to you, your family and your friends.

We realise that the majority of our products would be considered to be a treat by our customers, but because each product is handmade there are not only some great and healthy ingredients, but there is also a lot of love that goes into each creation.

Nutritional Specifications

Download our Nutritional information for all of the information you will need to make an educated decision about the food you eat & enjoy, including:

  1. Shelf Life
  2. Storage Recommendations
  3. Nutritional Table
  4. Ingredient Listing
  5. Genetically Modified Status (GMO)
  6. Allergens

Our Product Specifications includes a section dedicated to Celebration Cakes where you can use the active links to find all of the information you will need about each of the components that go into making your celebration cake. This is exclusive to Ferguson Plarre and very handy when you consider the thousands of variations on the cakes we make.

Click here to download our Celebration Cakes Nutritional Information