Heat at Home Pack - 5 Tiddly Oggies Sale

Heat at Home Pack - 5 Tiddly Oggies

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Serves 5

Grab a heat at home pack of our delicious Tiddly Oggies and pack the freezer or serve for dinner tonight. Choose from Original Tiddly Oggie or a vegetarian option with our Wholemeal Tiddly Oggie (Vegan friendly). Click here for a delicious side dish recipe

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Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses have been baking award-winning Tiddly Oggies for over 120 years! Their wholesome meat & vegetable filling make an excellent alternative to the classic meat pie. We are proud to have the Tiddly Oggie as one of our most popular products and invite you to come and try. Our yummy Vegetable Tiddly Oggie is packed full of fresh veggies and fresh flavours. The perfect vegan and vegetarian friendly alternative to our Original Tiddly Oggie.

Click here for a delicious side dish recipe

Serving Size

Serves 5 people (5cm x 2.5cm)
Standard Serving Size - 5cm x 2.5cm


Store in refrigeration below 5C Here are our recommended reheating instructions for a lunch sized savoury - If you pop your lunch sized savoury in a traditional fan forced oven on at 180 degrees for approx. 20 minutes then that should warm your lunch up nicely! However, please note – every oven is different, so use this as a guide only. Of course we recommend you check your oven at regular intervals.