A Record Breaking Cake

Coming in at a whopping 1.8m wide and 80cm long, this record breaking cake was created for the lucky students, staff and alumni of Lowther Hall by our amazingly talented Decorating Team

This cake is easily the largest we have ever been asked to bake and create, with our previous record standing at just 1.2m wide and 60cm long.

The cake was made using four separate slabs of Chocolate Mud Cake, each measuring 45cm x 20cm. Once the cake was put in place on the Cake Board, our seven superstar decorators worked from above to mould and lay the icing to decorate the gigantic treat.

It took our Magnificent Seven around 2 days to create this amazing cake, all of which was created by hand, with the sides of the cake actually hand painted with food colouring

The cake was made using 70 kilos of icing alone, which was laid on to 80 kilos of Chocolate Mud Cake. The board that the cake was placed on even had to be specially made, and weighed in at 40 kilos, making one deliciously large cake, weighing in at 190 kilos.

Needless to say, the cake was a huge hit with over 900 hungry guests at Lowther Hall who wolfed down this record breaking cake from Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

If you are looking for a custom cake design, there’s plenty of flavours to choose from, including:

So if you are looking for a Birthday Cake design that you think might be too far out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re more than happy to help with any design.

There’s no design too far out! Just speak to your local store and we’ll start working our cake magic.

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