Bag Yourself a Pie-fect Deal!

Bag Yourself a Pie-fect Deal!

We only have pies for you! For a limited time only, receive a FREE tote bag when you purchase any of our Heat at Home Packs.

Choose any 5 of our delectable Pies, Sausage Rolls or Tiggly Oggies to heat in the comfort of your own home for $30.

Our pies are baked with love, using only the freshest, real ingredients encased in flaky golden pastry. From classic flavours to gourmet creations, they are pie-fect for an easy and delicious dinner.

Carry your pie cravings in style in one of our limited edition Ferguson Plarre tote bags. Could it be ‘Love at First Bite’?

Don’t Miss out, this offer is only available until the 2nd of July.

T&Cs apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tote bag come with an online purchase of the Heat at Home Pack?

The tote bag is included with all purchases of the Heat at Home Pack.

Am I able to purchase the tote bag?

Unfortunately, the tote bag is only available with the purchase of our Heat at Home Packs.

Which savouries can be included in the Heat at Home Pack?

Choose your 5 favourites from our range of lunch Time savouries, including Cottage Pie, Chunky Vegetable Pie, Butter Chicken Pie, Classic Beef Pie, Beef & Cheese Pie, Classic Sausage Roll, Quiche Lorraine, Spinach Tomato Quiche, Gourmet Spinach & Cheese Roll, Beef & Cracked Pepper Pie, Steak & Onion Pie, Beef Curry Pie, Beef & Mushroom Pie, Country Chicken Pie, Beef Bacon & Cheese Pie, Angus Beef Pie, Original Tiggly Oggie, Plant Based Pie and Plant Based Sausage Roll.

Please note, that all options might not be available if in store at all times.

Is this offer available with the mini savoury Heat at Home Packs?

Unfortunately, this offer is only available with our Lunch-Sized Heat at Home Packs.