Custom Cakes take the cake

Every week, our creative customers like to give us a challenge, coming up with more extravagant and crazy cool birthday cakes that really take the cake for their friends and family.

Our Custom creations really take the cake!

Sally is one of our expert Cake Decorators. She works her magic on some brilliant birthday cakes each week!

Once the birthday boy or girl is over the surprise, we love to share the cake magic with everyone. After all, why should we be the only ones to see these amazing cakes!

Cookie or Cake? That is the question…

Lucky Xavier. He’s got the choice of both and don’t they all look yummy! Which would you choose? Cookie, or cake? Whichever you choose, you can guarantee that this custom made Cookie Monster birthday cake takes the biscuit!

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GAAAAARRRR. Shiver me timbers, it’s Luke’s 4th birthday!

It’s the pirates life for Luke on his 4th birthday. We’re sure he found some great presents inside his treasure chest, and we hope he shared this wonderful Pirate’s birthday cake with his mateys! Gaarrrr!

Growing up means an cheeky Birthday Cake

Now, we’re not saying that this cake doesn’t look great but we’re sure that Michelle went a shade of raspberry when she saw her birthday cake, complete with a bra and knickers coming out of a gift box!

In the Night Garden

Iggle Piggle’s not in bed! Eeek. But don’t worry, Makka Pakka & Tombliboo Ooo are there to help Mohak celebrate his 1st Birthday, with this spectacular & colourful Night Garden birthday cake!

If you would like to order a Custom Cake, please visit your local store and speak to any one of our lovely staff, and they will organise for our cake magicians to work their magic once again!