Magical Birthday Cakes

Meet Lynette, one of our creative cake wizards who make some of our most magical birthday cakes in the Ferguson Plarre cake decorating room every week!

Lynette’s been busy this week, conducting a symphony of a musical cake! It may not make any noises but we’re sure it will really sing when its presented to its lucky owner

Lynette and her fellow cake wizards have been waving their wands and creating some real custom birthday cake magic this week. We wanted to share some of the best with you!

We Marvelled at this Captain America birthday cake

The living symbol of freedom, as some people called Cap, this Captain America cake must have made Jackson feel pretty special for his birthday.

Some people may even call a birthday party a living symbol of freedom!

We hope you had a fantastic birthday Jackson!

Birthday Cakes make you go Vrooom

This hand made birthday cake is one very yummy looking cake.

Our cake magicians did a wonderful job with this colourful cake. It really lights up any room and we’re sure it lit up Manhar’s first birthday party as well. We’re already massive fans of Manhar’s style. That’s one very cool one year old!

If the shoe fits, it must be a Jimmy Choo Birthday Cake

Cassandra sure has great taste in footwear, and obviously has a good eye for fashion from the look of her 21st birthday cake. A Jimmy Choo shoe cake. It almost looks good enough to wear, but we probably wouldn’t recommend that…

Happy 21st birthday Cassandra

Peppa Pig gets stuck into this wonderfully cute birthday cake

Happy 3rd birthday to Daisy who asked for this cute Peppa Pig birthday cake in store.

Daisy deserves the credit choosing such a lovely looking cake, complete with hand made sugar daisies, and Peppa and her brother George playing in the mud. We hope that Daisy enjoys her birthday party as much as we enjoyed creating it!

If you would like to order a Custom Cake, please visit your local store and speak to any one of our lovely staff, and they will organise for our cake magicians to work their magic once again!