Birthday Cakes for Boys – Inspiration Gallery

When it comes to decorating a cake, no design is too crazy, in fact, a lot of cake decorators love the challenge that comes from some customer’s crazy creative requests.

Every week, our creative customers like to give us a challenge, coming up with more extravagant and crazy cool birthday cakes that really take the cake for the boys in their lives.

Once the birthday boy or girl is over the surprise, we love to share the cake magic with everyone. After all, why should we be the only ones to see these amazing cakes!

The Shoe’s On The Other Foot

What a great way to celebrate a 14th Birthday, with a cake that is modelled on famous Basketballer, Michael Jordan’s famous Air Jordan trainers. Tristan certainly had a birthday cake that would have won Man of the Match.

The Lion roars with pride for this birthday cake

The lion may roar with pride for this wonderful birthday cake that comes straight from the savannah, but we’re sure that the lucky Birthday Boy would have been roaring with happiness with their 1st birthday cake.

Superheroes Like Birthday Cake Too

We reckon that this cake hit the mark for Jackson’s birthday, and Captain America would certainly agree that this really was a Super Birthday Cake!

Did you know that our Cake Decorators can build almost any custom designed cake. Just speak to your local store and we’ll start working our cake magic.

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