Custom Birthday Cakes – Treasure Island Special

Ferguson Plarre’s talented cake magicians have been busy waving their wands and creating some real cake magic with their Treasure Island Custom birthday cakes this week.

Ethan’s Treasure Hunt Birthday Cake

We didn’t have to search hard to find this week’s best cake! Ethan’s Treasure Island is definitely the captains choice when it comes to Birthday Cakes. X definitely hits the spot for this Birthday party!

Luke’s Treasure Chest

This treasure chest of a Birthday cake for Luke will really shiver your timbers – We’re pretty sure that the hidden treasure inside is Chocolate Mud cake flavour. Is that your kind of treasure?

Moneybags Birthday Cake

Elly brought the treasure to her 50th Birthday party, in the form of this Moneybags Birthday cake, packed full of wonderful cake and of course chocolate treasure coins. There’s nothing hidden about this treasure trove though – The Birthday love for Elly is certainly there for everyone to see!

Under the Sea

This underwater treat really does float above all others. We hope that Kenneth really enjoyed his 6th birthday as much as we enjoyed making his birthday cake. The girls were sad to see this cute little stingray go.

If you would like to order a Custom Cake, please visit your local store and speak to any one of our lovely staff, and they will organise for our cake magicians to work their magic once again!