Sweet or Savoury Birthday Cakes?

Just because it’s a birthday cake, does it have to be sweet? What would you prefer, a sweet or a savoury cake, or maybe something sweet that looks savoury?

Can you tell the difference between these birthday cakes? Are they sweet or savoury?

When we bake a cake we automatically go for the sweet ingredients: scoops of margarine, dollops of melted chocolate, a dash of honey and spoonfuls of sugar. Add the strawberries or the lemons, the chocolate chips or the berries and nuts and voila, you have a beautiful luxurious cake that tickles your sweet taste buds and tantalises the sugary soul inside of you.

Can you tell which of these treats are sweet and which are savoury?

Surf and Turf?

Yup, you guessed it, this really is a sugar filled treat of a cake, made to look exactly like a surf and turf from your local pub!

Carrot Cake?

While this Carrot Cake sure does taste sweet, it could really be considered to be a savoury cake as its made with yummy carrots along with lots of other tasty ingredients, to create a soft and moist carrot cake!

Meat and Two Veg?

Whilst we do like a bit of salt with our meat and two veg, make sure you don’t add any to this masterpiece, or you might be in for a shock! That’s right, this ain’t no meal, it’s a cake!

Red Velvet Cake?

Whilst you’d be correct in thinking that the cake component of the red velvet is certainly sweet, you may not realised that we use cream cheese as part of the icing. It makes the Red Velvet Cake even better!

Spaghetti & Meatballs

You might think that this looks like a great italian dish, but no, this is a cake of epic proportions. Lucky Vince is what we say, he will get to enjoy this sweet sweet birthday cake, hopefully after he’s tucked into his Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Have you seen something you like in our Sweet & Savoury Birthday Cakes inspiration gallery?

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Which would you prefer? Sweet or Savoury?