Birthday Cakes Baked Fresh With Love

Why do our Birthday Cakes taste so good?

Because our amazing team, including Head Decorator, Maria and her cake decorating daughter, Josie, make them fresh every day!

For any Cake Decorator no design is too big, in fact, a lot of cake decorators love the challenge that comes from some customer’s crazy creative requests.

We asked our Head Cake Decorator, Maria Cerra where she felt that some of the best designs for custom cakes came from.

“Design’s come from all sorts of places” said Maria, “To be honest, i get a lot of my inspiration from nature, along with copious amounts of coffee. But generally, we find that a lot of customers have seen something on TV, or are trying to recreate a special moment with their friends or family”

Maria has some great advice on what you should consider when you’re looking to design a custom cake for someone you care about.

“The most important thing to think about is who you are designing it for, and asking yourself what they would like to see on their cake. Then, once we know that, we can take that idea, and make it into a reality!”

Our Talented Team of Cake Decorators have a fantastic eye for detail, with a recent cake design based around a Chicken coming complete with a tasty worm for the lucky chickens to eat.

Whilst this Jungle Cake is possibly the cutest cake we have ever seen coming out of the Decorating Room.

A Jungle Surprise Birthday Cake

Maria’s talents have seen her take out prizes from around Australia for her spectacular cakes, including the Best Decorated Novelty Cake in Victoria in 2015.

Maria’s reputation has lead her out of the Cake Room and across Melbourne & Victoria to teach others and judge cake competitions.

All these accolades mean nothing to Maria, though, she has always happiest the job is most rewarding when she has a happy customer.

“‘Reactions can vary but the best reaction is when someone can’t help but cry from happiness.” says Maria laughing!

Need some inspiration for your next custom cake? Take a look at our inspiration gallery below:

80’s Inspired Birthday Cake

Cool Custom Birthday Cake – Part Time Ninja

Treasure Island Birthday Cake

No design is too crazy. Just ask at your local store for some great inspiration!

Bottom of the Ocean Birthday Cake

Our Cake Decorators can build almost any custom designed cake. Just speak to your local store and we’ll start working our cake magic.Find your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse online