Chocolate Caramel Tart Ice Cream Recipe

Some of the finest recipes in the world take something two simple ingredients and create something amazing. Like this Chocolate Caramel Tart Ice Cream.

You will need:

How to make it:

Step 1 - Take the shortbread stars off the Chocolate Caramel Tarts and scoop out the caramel.

Step 2 - Put 3 big scoops of ice cream into a large bowl and add the caramel, then top with 3 more scoops of ice cream before stirring it all to combine. If you can leave it out for a little while to let the ice cream melt a little, that's perfect for the next step.

Step 3 - Roughly break up the mince tart shortbread (leaving the trees for toppings) and stir it into the ice cream mix before placing it in the freezer. It should take a few hours to fully set.

Step 4 - You're now ready to eat your Chocolate Caramel Tart Ice Cream - Just add some scoops to your bowls and place a Shortbread Tree into the top and you're ready to go.

This recipe is interchangeable with our Lemon Tarts or Classic Fruit Mince Tarts as well so head down to your local Bakehouse to grab your Christmas Tarts and start experimenting this Christmas.