Edible Christmas Tree Decorations – Tips and Tricks

Decorating the Christmas tree is something of a tradition in a lot of families. For some people, it really does mean the start of Christmas!

We’ve created some fantastic new Santa & Snowman cakes that would not look out of place underneath the tree as presents! Not only that, we’ve got an idea that will really help your Christmas Tree stand out from the crowd.

Our Christmas Tree Chocolate brownies are pre-wrapped and come complete with a handy bow, making them perfect to hang on your tree

Why not decorate your Christmas Tree with our Gingerbread Biccies – A yummy, but great looking alternative to chocolate baubles.

If you don’t have a Christmas Tree, you can pick up a Gingerbread Christmas tree and use that as your festive centrepiece

Here’s how you can create some gorgeous decorations for your tree

First things first, you’ll need to pick up some delicious little stocking fillers from your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses.

For those treats that are not already pre-packed, we’ve got some hints here about how to string thread through them so that you can hang them around the house.

First up, you’ll need a needle and some thread (if you need some help doing this, ask an adult to help you). To make your treats into Christmas decorations, simply pierce the centre of the biscuit with your needle, then thread through with around 5cm of material, leaving another 5cm on the other side.

Loop your thread and tie at the top, then place around a branch on the tree ready for Christmas Day!

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