Top tips for family meals

Five top tips for family meals

This doesn’t just ring true for family but for friends as well. There’s nothing better than sitting down with people that you love and having a “Family” meal together.

If there’s one thing we love at Ferguson Plarre, it’s sharing yummy treats with the family and having a Family dinner! Yummy!

Here are our top tips to having a great family meal together:

It seems that many of us have got out of the habit of sitting down as a family and having a meal together. We all need to make time for each other away from our hectic lives. It may be inconvenient at first, but the positive benefits will make it really worthwhile.

Start small and realistically. One evening a week, a special occasion, with everyone helping to prepare, cook, setting the table, clearing up etc. Anticipate the event, keep it fun. Everyone then has a stake in having a good time, the responsibility does not fall on one individual.

Eating a dessert produces a ‘blip’ of happiness which is positively affecting families’ mood

Try to avoid cooking several different meals. It is about sharing food.

The focus should be on the meal itself and the interaction, turn the TV, phones etc off. It is an opportunity to talk positively, don’t use it as an opportunity to complain, accuse, challenge etc.

If you have to make a phone call, try to do it elsewhere.

Make it clear that this is something that the whole family should try. It may sound strange that something as basic as a family meal has to be approached in this way.

For many families this may well be a step into the unknown but the truth is, it will quickly turn into the best meal of the week. The family meal helps you to rediscover the joy of family time!

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