Handy Hints – Fruit Mince Tart Trifle Recipe

We know it’s unlikely but sometimes you can end up with leftover fruit Mince Tarts. If you do find yourself in this position, here’s a very simple, and very quick recipe for a yummy dessert.
All you need is:
  • A glass bowl for each person, or a cleaned jam jar if you have one spare
  • One Mince Tart per trifle
  • One punnet of strawberries
  • 500ml Custard
  • 300g of fresh or whipped cream
To put your trifle together:

The secret to a good trifle is in the layers, so if you want to add more layers, simply halve your portion sizes.

First things first, set up your bowls or jam jars in a row and pour in about 3cm of custard as a first layer of creamy custardy goodness

Cut your strawberries into quarters and place a layer of strawberries on top of the custard

Take the Shortbread Star off the top of your Mince Tarts and cut or crumble your Mince Tarts up into small pieces. Pop these on top of the layer of strawberries.

Whip your fresh cream or use whipped cream in a can for the 4th layer. You’ll want around 2 cm of cream for this layer to really moisten the mince tarts! Top this with a sprinkle of strawberries.

Finally, pour in some custard on top and really make sure it goes down through every layer.

For a finishing touch, take your shortbread star and place it on top of the trifle, with a whole strawberry to add some colour to the top!

Are your tastebuds tantalised? Make sure you order a pack of Mince Tarts before they disappear for another year.