Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Coburg – A Recipe for Success

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Coburg opened their doors in 1920 to a bustling north side community. Despite their initial excitement to start trading, the store spent much of its early years in fear of bushrangers. Flash forward some 94 years and whilst the bushrangers are no more, much has changed including the friendly faces working in the store each and every day.

The Coburg store, which recently underwent a huge renovation, is nowadays owned and operated by Ehab Malek and Nader Sadek. Ehab and Nader have been running the Coburg store for four years now and in that time have learnt a wealth of new skills and had some wonderful experiences.

At the Coburg stores recent 94th birthday celebration we took the time to speak to Ehab & Nader to ask them what their secret to success was.

Initially drawn to the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses great reputation and quality food, Ehab and Nader claim it has been the ongoing support, thrill of managing their own business and great customer feedback that has made opening the store such a rewarding experience. So much so they are hoping to open another three or four stores over the next five years.

Being one of the oldest Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses around there is no lack of regulars coming into the store and sharing their stories with the Coburg team.

“We have 90 year old ladies coming to the shop and telling us that they used to work here when they were just teenagers. I find their stories really fascinating!” says Ehab.

When asked why they think their store is so successful Ehab and Nader say it is a combination of the great savouries (customers even describe their pies as the best in Australia) the yummy sweets (both agree the Vanilla Slice and Sponge on the Run are unbeatable) and the wonderful sense of community they have built with their customers.

The Coburg store has for many years been one of the busiest Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses in Melbourne, with the store once being the site where many of the products were skillfully created. With Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses now operating 64 stores around Melbourne you will no longer see the team baking at the back of the Coburg store, as all products are lovingly created in their award winning, sustainable bakehouse in Keilor Park.

With the stores exciting new look and its great family focused service, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Coburg will no doubt continue to grow and evolve with the Coburg community.

With Ehab and Nader at the helm, the store will, like it has always done, continue to be a hub in the community. With eyes set firm on a strong a prosperous future we will no doubt see this dynamic duo rolling out their great customer service and love for what they do across Melbourne in the not too distant future.