Ferguson Plarre's Bakeover

Who likes our NEW look?! We do that's for sure 😍

We’re excited to share the progress being made on the roll out of the new Ferguson Plarre look and feel, which you may have noticed from our updated website. The roll out of this new bakeover will continue to roll out across all social media accounts and digital platforms, all packaging including our takeaway coffee cups and cake boxes, new and current store fit outs and new uniforms!

Although we have a new look, it’s still the same family baking you happy. We will still continue with our high quality sweets and savouries, using premium Australian produce as often as we can, continuing sustainable practices and most importantly using real cream and custard when making our award-winning vanilla slices or custard tarts!

Over the past 100 years we’ve had a few different ‘looks’, but this is by far our best effort yet. A century of freshly baked goodness just got a bakeover and it bakes us very happy.

We might have had a bit of a makeover but you can rest assured that’s the only thing changing! The Plarre family are still dedicated to baking you happy, serving up all your favourite award-winning pies, sweet treats, creative cakes and quality coffee.

Everything we brew, we brew it for you. We're excited and you should be too, here’s to the next 120 years and beyond!