Victoria’s Best Decorated Novelty Cake 2015

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses were officially awarded Victoria’s Best decorated Novelty Cake, (Themed) for the second year in a row at the Baking Association of Victoria, 2015 Victorian Baking Show held over the weekend. This same event also saw Ferguson Plarre take home the hotly contested best Sausage Roll award.

For the second year in a row, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Head Decorator, Maria Cerra, has taken first prize in the best Novelty decorated cake categories at the Victorian Baking Show, which saw over 100 entries from Victoria’s best bakers.

Ferguson Plarre Head decorator, Maria Cerra’s interpretation of the ‘Fruit Belt Region’ theme transformed the cake into a creative, culinary masterpiece.

The cake, which could be considered a better fit for a gallery than a dessert plate, depicted the key Victorian fruit regions through hand crafted sugar fruits, each of which were delicately placed on a cake which had been hand carved in shape of great state of Victoria. With each fruit region accurately represented in its correct geographic place on the cake, the masterpiece was topped off with extra baskets of fruit and barrels of grapes.

Ms Cerra was very excited with her win, which came after a lot of hard work, “I spent over 45 hours hand crafting the variety of fruits represented on the cake, I wanted them each be unique and so life like they could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Judging by the response I have received, I feel I got pretty close to achieving this”, said Cerra.

The Plarre family have been prominent figures on the Australian baking circuit since 1901 and in this time, have won a plethora of baking excellence awards. The family’s ability to still be winning awards today is testament to their commitment to maintaining excellence and innovation in baking.

With 65 Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses across Victoria, the family are committed to ensuring Victorians have access to premium quality bakery products, made from only the best ingredients, at reasonable prices no matter where they are based.

The Victorian Baking Show is managed by the Baking Association of Australia’s Victorian arm.