Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn

Those of you who live in the Balwyn area will have met the lovely Sanjay, who is a much loved member of the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses family! Join us as we meet Sanjay, franchise owner of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn, learn about his family and find out why he decided join ours.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn store owner, Sanjay, made the jump from selling engineering plastics to the world of cakes and pies with Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – a big jump which enabled him to try something new, achieve greater work life balance with his family and achieve a greater sense of career satisfaction.

We recently spent some time at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn and had the chance to sit down with Sanjay and have a good old chat about Ferguson Plarre & his family.

So, Sanjay, what first inspired you to get involved with Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse?

“The first thing that drew me to Ferguson Plarre was the products! My earliest memory of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses was buying a Birthday Cake for my daughters 13th Birthday. The joy i saw on her face when she saw her cake definitely had an impact when it came to owning my own store – The fact that our products can inspire such a lovely reaction is something i knew that i wanted to be a part of!”

Sanjay loves the fact that his shop is so close to home “it means that I can spend quality time with my family, without having to suffer a long daily commute to work”

“Owning a Ferguson Plarre is great, and because we greet every customer with a smile, it means I get to know the local community and each of our guests personally. We love meeting new people in store and can’t wait to meet more.”

Sounds good, particularly the customer service. it’s a key part of any Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse isn’t it…

“Yes. For me, i want to make our store known for providing excellent customer service and fresh produce! Actually, my favourite part of owning my own store is meeting all the lovely people and getting to know the regulars, l love the friendly faces and the way people have welcomed us.”

“We actually have lots of really great customers. Our favourite customer is a gentleman by the name of Brian, he comes in every day, and stops and spends time with us for a chat whilst he has a cup of coffee and a slice of cake”

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn is living proof that family businesses provide a great asset not just to the families themselves but also the community. The Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn store will continue to grow and evolve with its community and no doubt be local icon for years to come.

Drop by Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn for a coffee and some cake at anytime and please make sure you say hello to Sanjay. He’s looking forward to meeting you!

Find Sanjay and the team at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn, at the rear of 403 Whitehorse Road, next to the Woolworths, with entry from Woolworths car park. Call us on 03 9836 7200 if you would like to order a cake for your next party!

You can find Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Balwyn at the rear of 403 Whitehorse Road, in Balwyn, next to Woolworths