Historic Bakery rises amongst the competition

Historic bakery chain rises against the competition

Compared to cafes and restaurants, you would think that bakeries have nothing to worry about when it comes to beating off the competition. However with the number of home bakers, cake decorators and in-store supermarket bakeries increasing, competition is growing at a fast rate.But in the franchising industry competition is seen as a good thing. It’s a time to test the brand, reward a customer’s loyalty, and prove the strength of its business model.With large franchise brands especially, economies of scale help a business to run profitably in times of economic uncertainty and to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.According to IBISWorld Industry Report, Bread and Cake Retailing in Australia 2014, increases in the price of ingredients used in baking and other factors such as reduced consumer spending, has forced operators to alter their product offerings, which many retailers have profited from.With a focus on food trends, quality produce and innovation, the future according to IBISWorld looks bright, with a predicted annual growth of 2.8 per cent in the years 2015-20.One franchise who is familiar with the resilience of the bakery industry is the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse.Having been around for more than 110 years in Australia, the brand is steeped in tradition, heritage, and family values. It has proven its business model through the Great Depression, World Wars and the boom times.

How does a business survive this long? For Ferguson Plarre, an ever-green focus on quality and freshness has kept people coming back for their delicious cakes, pies and desserts, but beyond that, the bakery chain continues to invest in product innovation. They never sit still.Over 110 years, the brand has had to deal with changes to consumer eating habits, tastes, and of course, the population’s unrelenting thirst for barista made coffee, but this has only strengthened their offering and extended their loyal customer base.With all of their products baked in-house under the guidance of 4th generation baker Michael Plarre, Ferguson Plarre are relentless in their fight to ensure they maintain their core values around handmade, innovative and only the best products being delivered daily.With the addition of trained baristas in every store, and a wide selection of products delivered fresh to stores daily, Ferguson Plarre customers can get their bakery and coffee fix all in one place. From celebration cakes, cupcakes, biscuits and pastries, to sandwiches, wrap’s and pies, the menu is designed to cater for everyone.

With an unrivalled presence in Melbourne, and a business built around unparalleled quality, customer service, and a history that no other brand can replicate, a Ferguson Plarre franchise is a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in a business that treats its franchisees as family members and encourages multi-unit success.To find out more about the Ferguson Plarre brand and to hear what existing franchisees have to say about their experience, click here.