Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Geelong

We recently welcomed Dragan & Violet to the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses family in Geelong! Join us as we step behind the counter to meet our newest additions, learn about their family and why they decided join ours.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Geelong store owners, Dragan and Violet, made the jump from leading a Stock Control Team & running a Family Reception Centre respectively to their new career with Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – a big jump which sees them able to try something new, achieve greater work life balance with their young family and achieve a greater sense of career satisfaction.

We recently spent some time at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Geelong and had the chance to sit down with Violetta and have a good natter about Ferguson Plarre & her Family.

So, Violetta, what first inspired you to get involved with Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse?

“The first thing that drew me to Ferguson Plarre was wanted to be involved with a family run business! l know the products really well, but we wanted to be in a position where we are on the ground getting to know the local community and each of our guests personally. We love meeting new people and can’t wait to get around and meet everyone face to face.”

What was your earliest memory of Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses?

“My earliest memory of Ferguson Plarre, was in Year 8. My friends and I would visit the small store in Footscray. We loved the way the cakes and biscuits looked so colourful and well presented, whilst the customer service struck me as being so friendly, and that’s a reputation we want to build upon today!”

Sounds good, particularly the customer service. it’s a key part of any Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse isn’t it…

“Yes. For us the thing is that we want to make our store known for providing excellent customer service and fresh produce! For me, this is very significant, and actually, my favourite part of owning my own store is meeting all the lovely people and getting to know the regulars , l love the friendly faces and the way people have welcomed us.”

“We actually have lots of really great customers. One woman actually comes in every week to write her journal piece whilst having a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, whilst some customers have offered their helpful tips on improving the look of the store which l highly appreciate as l am all about colour and vitality.”

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Geelong is living proof that family businesses provide a great asset not just to the families themselves but also the community. The Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse – Geelong store will continue to grow and evolve with its community and no doubt be local icon for years to come.

Drop by for a coffee and some cake at anytime and please make sure you say hello to Dragan and Violet. They are looking forward to meeting you!