Coffee & Cake – The perfect match

Alongside our talented coffee baristas, we’ve been doing some research on the best cakes to go with your coffee and we reckon we’ve come up with some fantastically yummy combinations.

Ferguson Plarre’s Head Barista, Joey Hitten said, ‘It is worth noting that the different varietal of beans used in coffee blends, as well as the roasting process, will all have an effect on the flavour profile of the drink.

When pairing a coffee with sweet treats you should consider how the two complement each other in terms of acidity, body, mouthfeel, and other flavour notes, to create a rich and balanced experience.”

Latte & Walnut Twist

The classic Walnut Twist has been identified as the perfect accompaniment to a creamy latte, as well as a Coffee Scroll – A delicately spiced pastry will let you detect light espresso flavour in latte

Espresso & Strawberry Tart

Espresso is strong and short drink, your taste buds will be exposed to very intense tastes when you drink it and any accompaniment needs to either pack an equally intense punch or complement in an alternative and cleansing way so we suggest pairing an espresso with a chocolate truffle or a Strawberry Tart!

Black Coffee & Nutella Filled Donut Bite

Flat whites are best accompanied by an Orange Rough Muffin and a plain black coffee is best drunk with a yummy Nutella Bite donut because a black coffee tends to have a more delicate flavour profile than coffee brewed in other ways!

Cheesecake & Americano

Finally, if you’re serving up a Cheesecake to friends after dinner, why not offer an Americano coffee (an espresso diluted with hot water) – A Classic New York style cheesecake and an americano coffee should sit together really nicely… you will generally end up with a much more developed bitterness in an Americano and the heavy fat and intense sweetness from this cheesecake should balance that perfectly.

Let us know which of our yummy treats you like to have with your coffee!