Behind the Scenes in the Decorating Room

Come with us as we take a sneaky peek behind the scenes at the making of some spectacular custom made Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes.

For any Cake Decorator no design is too out of this world! To be honest, our team really love it when someone comes up with a particularly whacky idea for their custom made cake.

Recently, we had one such design come through, for some really lovely looking Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes.

We asked our Head Cake Decorator, Maria Cerra about how she designs these bespoke cakes, starting with the ingredients for this great looking group of Cupcakes.

“We started off by looking at the image or description that had come through from the customer, and started to get some really good ideas from there, then from here we started to think about which components of a Strawberry Sundae could be replaced by something that you would normally find on a cake.”

“So for our strawberry milkshake colour on top, we started by rolling out some thin, pink icing and placing it on top of the cupcake, then we spread some yummy chocolate ganache on top of the icing and topped this with some butter cream icing to give us the look of fresh cream.”

And what about these amazing looking strawberries and wafers, surely they can’t be real we asked.

But “Oh no, of course they are real” said Maria “they’re not real wafer or real strawberries but we make them by hand using our mouldable icing. We take a piece of coloured icing, that matches the colour of the piece we’d like to make, so a tan colour for the wafer, bright red for strawberry and a vivid green for the stem of the strawberry, then hand-mould the icing to exactly resemble the shape and size of each of the pieces, and to fit on the cupcake of course”

“Once we have the size and shape right, we grab our tools and make the right incisions to add to the texture and really bring the pieces to life, so that these strawberries are vivid and really look fantastic, even if we do say so ourselves”

So if you are looking for a Birthday Cake design that you think might be too far out of the ordinary, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re more than happy to help with any design. There’s no design too far out!

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