Introducing the Cake Shake

Introducing the Cake Shake - a brand new thick shake made with a real slice of Ferguson Plarre Cake!

We’re shaking up the way Victorians eat cake by bundling two iconic desserts to create the ultimate on-the-go treat: the Cake Shake.

This thick, creamy, sweet and naughty treat is exclusively available at the Ferguson Plarre Drive-Thru store in South Morang.

The shakes have been created to salute our top selling cakes and they’re available in three iconic flavours;

Ferguson Plarre’s Bakehouse CEO Steve Plarre says “These mouth-watering dessert delights are the ultimate and most convenient way to indulge in a slice of cake while on the go.” This is an experience you don't want to miss and we promise you'll be coming back for more.

The Cake Shake isn't the only thing South Morang has to offer. You can also enjoy Frappes chilled to perfection, Smoothies to keep you hydrated and satisfied, Cold Press Crush drinks in tantalising flavours or a hot cup of coffee-to-go!

Have your cake and drink it too, visit the Ferguson Plarre Drive-Thru today at 855a Plenty Road, South Morang.