Christine Celebrates her Silver Anniversary at Ferguson Plarre

25 Years of Service at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Sunshine

A lot has changed in the years since Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses first started in 1901 – from technology to popular foods; the world has become a very different place.One of the biggest changes we have experienced over the past 100 years is how differently people approach their careers nowadays. Rarely do staff stay in one job for long any more, so when a member of our team, who has been with the Ferguson Plarre family for over 25 years, decides it it is time to move on, we can’t help but feel more than a little sad.Today we wanted share the story of Christine Todaro, a very special staff member at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses – Sunshine store. Christine joined the Ferguson Plarre family over 25 years ago, and as you would expect, she has seen many things change and many people come and go.Before joining Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, Christine was a dedicated stay at home mum. She lovingly raised her three children whilst being a loving wife to her husband and dedicated daughter to her father who also lived with her.Christine, like many Victorians, grew up enjoying Ferguson Plarre’s yummy treats. So when the chance to work for the company came up, she didn’t hesitate to say yes! Her family were also understandably thrilled with her new found career, because there were so many treats brought home, with Wednesday nights quickly becoming pie night!When reflecting on her many years on the job, Christine describes her favourite moments as being when she would meet new customers or catch up with her regulars. “I have lots of regular customers who I enjoy talking too. We chat about holidays, football, family, life in general and always, always have a laugh”

But with the great times, come those moments that are not quite as good, “My least favourite part of my job is making coffees. I am not a coffee drinker so really can’t understand all the fuss about! But I do make a very nice cup of tea” says Christine.

Christine describes Christmas as her favourite time of year at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, because of all the wonderful fun and festivities going on, not to mention the yummy Mince Tarts. But she is quick to remind us not to forget about Easter and the delicious Hot Cross Buns too!

But as with all great people, sometimes the time is right to take a step back and relax, and something that Christine is really looking forward to in her retirement Christine is spending lots of time with her husband who also retired recently and of course her wonderful children and grandchildren. She also plans to travel overseas which will be her first time ever abroad!

After so many years with Ferguson Plarre, Christine has really gotten to know the range. So here are her top tips!

Favourite products?

“Picking a favourite product is difficult considering all the wonderful products we sell, but of recent times I have fallen in love with the ‘Salted Caramel Cheesecake’ and ‘Lemon Tart’. My children and grandchildren always love their birthday cakes!!”

Your customer’s favourite products?

“Biggest selling savoury product would have to be a plain Beef Pie and biggest selling sweet product would have to be a Vanilla Slice. They are constant sellers and just goes to show you can’t beat the classics!!”

After 25 great years of hard work and service everyone here at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are terribly sad to see Christine go. She has brought a smile to so many faces and there is no doubt she will be dearly missed.

We thank Christine for choosing to spend the past 25 years with us, wish her all the best in her retirement and hope that she enjoys many wonderful travels abroad.