An open letter to Coles & Woolworths

Mr Grant O’Brien
Managing Director & CEO
Woolworths Limited

Mr John Durkin
Managing Director

Dear Mr O’Brien & Mr Durkin,

I know that both of your organisations truly value customers and families, and write to ask that you consider not selling Hot Cross Buns so soon after Christmas.

Last year these buns were being sold by your stores in early January, so I am writing to ask that you stop for a moment and let families rest after the madness of Christmas before you begin bombarding them with Easter. In short I am asking you to join us in saying no to Hot Cross Buns on shelves straight after Christmas.

I write this letter not only as a father but as a baker and fellow businessman. As the latter I understand the temptation to make sales, but as a father I also treasure the excitement I see on my daughter’s face when Easter officially arrives.

As I sit watching my 2 ½ year old daughter enjoy what Santa brought her this year, I can’t help but fear that our next trip to the shops will see Christmas fade too fast with her being subjected to an onslaught of Easter Bunnies and Hot Cross Buns, well before they have any true cultural relevance and meaning.

So this year I am asking you to do the right thing. Please join Ferguson Plarre in saying “no” to Hot Cross Buns straight after Christmas. And for those of our loyal customers who truly love a freshly toasted fruit bun, let’s bake them something special and let’s do it with a smile.

I propose that from December 29, 2014 we help keep Easter special and start the Not Cross Bun movement. Don’t put a cross on your buns until Easter….put a smiley face (because they’re not cross)

Let’s share the happiness that comes from a freshly baked, fruit filled and lightly spiced bun without confusing families with Easter messages before they’ve even had a chance to pack away their Christmas tree!!

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses are proud to confirm that we will be selling Not Cross Buns from the 29th December and invite you to as well.

John and Grant, I ask that you join the Not Cross Bun Movement and help save Easter.

Yours sincerely

Steve Plarre

CEO, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses