Cakes Alive! The Wizard’s Tale

A long time ago in a magical kingdom, local bakers at Ferguson Plarre were asked to create an unreal birthday cake for a little boy’s party, so they enlisted the help of a boy wizard.

They worked together for days planning the perfect birthday cake surprise. They made sure it was filled with love, care, adventure and most importantly, magic!

As the wizard was stirring the magical ingredients into his cake cauldron, there was a sudden explosion, and the wizard disappeared into thin air!

When the bakers came in to bake the cake, the mixture in the magic cauldron smelt so good they knew it was ready to bake, yet the wizard was nowhere to be seen.

“Maybe he popped out to feed his owl?” said Mr Plarre. “Or went for a quick ride on his broomstick,” chuckled Mr Ferguson. “Well, we’ll start baking the cake now and by the time the wizard comes back it will be ready,” said Mr Plarre.

As the cake was baking, all sorts of fizzles, pops and bangs were heard coming from the oven, but as the cake was made with magic, the bakers thought this was quite normal.

When the cake was finally ready the bakers opened the oven and what they saw in front of them wasn’t a normal birthday cake at all.

It was a magical castle cake, complete with a door, turrets and windows. The bakers were overjoyed with how unreal it looked and couldn’t wait to thank the wizard for adding an extra pinch of magic to their delicious recipe.

As the start of the little boy’s birthday party drew closer and closer, the wizard was still nowhere to be seen. Worried about disappointing the little boy, the bakers decided to take the cake along themselves, hoping the wizard would meet them there.

When Mr Ferguson and Mr Plarre entered the party with their magical castle cake, the birthday boy and all his friends gathered around and stared in amazement.

“Wow!!!!” exclaimed the birthday boy, “I’ve never, ever seen a cake like this – it looks like a real magic castle!”

Then, as the little boy stood admiring cake, something unreal started to happen – something was moving in the castle window! He looked a little closer and gasped in surprise! He couldn’t believe his eyes! There, staring back at him through the castle window, was a boy wizard waving to him!

“Look everyone, there’s a wizard inside my cake!” exclaimed the birthday boy. “This is the most unreal cake ever!!” With those magical words, the boy wizard jumped through the window and out of the cake!

He waved his magic wand and balloons started to stream out of the cake while fireworks were crackling and bursting in the sky above!

As the balloons and fireworks faded away, the wizard turned to the little boy.

“The best birthday cakes are the ones made with love and a little bit of magic,” he said. “Seeing the look of excitement and wonder on your face made me very happy, so happy that I’ve decided to stay here to share my magic with every birthday boy and girl.” With that, the wizard waved his wand and disappeared back into the unreal cake, ready to reappear when anyone wanted a truly magical birthday – full of excitement & wonder.