Michael Plarre introduces the New Cheesecake Collection

When you’re born into a family that has been baking for 4 generations, not just for the immediate family but for many thousands of families in Melbourne, you don’t just learn to bake, you love to bake!

For Michael Plarre, Executive Pastry Chef at Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, and a 4th Generation baker it is more than just a passion for cooking quality food for family or friends. Michael is the guardian of the Plarre Family legacy – keeping it alive for the next generations of bakers to come.

The Plarre Family motto is ‘bringing happiness to hungry people’ and whilst this wasn’t written down when he was young, the sentiment has been true since the earliest family pioneers emigrated to Australia and became famous for their pastry cooking. In fact for many years, the Plarre name became synonymous with both the finest pastries in Melbourne and with baking competitions.

This is still true today, and with Michael’s new range of Cheesecakes hitting the shelves, he’s looking to continue this tradition of success.

What is Michael’s secret weapon when he was creating his delicious Cheesecake range? Well it’s simple. The first thing is to make sure that the ingredients are of great quality – so Michael starts with fresh fruit, free range eggs and fresh cream. It’s the base that Michael is most proud of. Each of the cheesecake range sits on a buttery, melt in your mouth, macadamia base – it is divine!

But his main secret ingredient is his 3 beautiful daughters – the tradition of cooking in the family remains strong, and if a cake or pie doesn’t pass the muster with these three taste testers it won’t make it into a Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse. As Michael says, “if it’s not good enough for my girls, it’s not good enough for you, our customers”.

So visit your local Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses today and taste-test our new Cheesecake range, tested and fully approved by Matilda, Georgia and Abbi.