The Perfect Pie Dinner Date

Two perfect pie specimens, full of hunky, chunky meat, are fighting it out for a place in your stomach.

The question is, which pie would you choose as your dinner date? Steak & Mushroom or Cracked Pepper Beef Pie.

Here’s a run down on our contestants, to make life a little simpler for you:

The Steak & Mushroom Pie

This beefy beast has a golden tan, a strong short crust dough at its heart and a closely cropped stubble of poppy seeds on its crown. We’re sure you’d like to get stuck into this tasty pie over dinner, with 100% hormone free minced beef cooked in a butter mushroom sauce.

The Steak & Mushroom is one pie that will give you a night to remember.

The Cracked Pepper Beef Pie

Everyone likes a Pie with an extra kick, and the Cracked Pepper Pie has flavour in spades. Spend a cracking night with a pie that is filled with delicious hormone-free beef mince cooked in our delicious gravy and seasoned with cracked pepper.

A sensitive type, the Cracked Pepper Beef pie will add a little spice to your dinner.

So, the decision is yours – Which pie would you choose as your dinner date?

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