What will be the ‘Cronut’ of 2014?

Having looked back at some of the food trends of 2013, now its time to look forward, with a focus on the future. What foodie delights will create a buzz this year? Like the weather forecast, it’s not an exact science.

2013 had Cronuts, Zebra cakes, the Duffin, Eclairs and Donuts. What does 2014 have in store for us. Prepare to whet the appetite and sharpen the sweet tooth as we look at what could be the ‘Cronut’ of 2014:

The vending machine

Otherwise known as the last resort of the truly desperate, is in the midst of a much-needed makeover. In Asia, high-end vending is already pretty common – Street and rail-side kiosks dispense everything from noodles and sushi to farm-fresh eggs. Now the trend is catching on in the West, with machines in the U.S. and Europe offering fresh lobsters, ice cream, and quiche.

The year of pastry

2014 also looks to be the year of pastry. According to John Whaite, the British Bake Off champion for 2012, flavoured puff pastry will be flying off the shelves. The French would have to agree, having spotted ‘intricate and elegant’ choux (Eclair style) buns making their mark in the patisseries of Paris.


Despite traditional sales falling, tea will be found in desserts, cakes and cocktails in 2014.

Cake Decorating

Cake decorating will see a return to simplicity with easy, straightforward piping and rough iced buttercream creations.


is more popular than ever: In the United States, roughly 12 percent of women under 35 don’t eat meat, while 3 percent of the total adult population call themselves strict vegetarians (no meat, fish, or poultry). Unsurprising and heartening given that, according to a United Nations report, the world’s cattle herds do more damage to the environment than all our cars and planes combined.

Savoury Chocolate

Salted caramel chocolate was so 2012. According to American chocolatier Paul A Young, next year will see herbs, cheese and olive oil used in chocolatey creations.

Brazillian baking

It’s an interesting one, but with this years world cup and the Olympics of 2016 coming up in Brazil, perhaps this could be the year that Brazillian baking such as Pão de Queijo (literally cheese-bread) light and fluffy balls of tapioca flour baked with cheese, come to Australia – Yummy!


Forget the individual cupcake or lamington, 2014 is the year of sharing. It’s the way of the world, share and be shared with. We reckon that big, family sized cakes will be the tea time treat of choice this year which means there will be plenty of seconds!

Freaky Foodstuffs

Live octopus, fried insects, human placenta, snake…these are fair game as foodstuffs in other cultures, but for some westerners, eating what we once perceived as scary is becoming more mainstream. Diners are starting to savour things they’d once have scorned, including lamb’s tongue, chicken feet, and pig’s ears.