Coffee goes well with…

Coffee goes well with… everything really!

No matter what time of the day, there’s always room for a coffee, because, well, coffee makes it good! But the question is, what makes Coffee better? Treats of course

Gingerbread Man

There really is nothing better than dipping the head of your Gingerbread Man into your Latte.

Scoop the milky froth from the top of the Latte, onto the top of your gingerbread to give him a cheeky milky afro!

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Coffee Scroll

What better than a Coffee Scroll to go with your Flat White.

The cinnamon and fruit really does combine well with a coffee, and with coffee icing on top, you are in for a real treat for morning tea!

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A thousand Simpsons jokes simply cannot be wrong. The choice of thousands world wide! You don’t even need a coffee with this delicious round treat, but it will certainly not be turned down.

We reckon that an Espresso would work wonders with a Jam Donut. You can dunk any Donut, really, but there’s perhaps none more satisfying to merge with coffee than the good old fashioned Jam Donut. The sweet contrasts perfectly with the bitterness of a pure caffeine hit!

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Chocolate Malteser Cupcake

Imagine having a Chocolate Malteser Cupcake with a mocha! That’s one heck of a chocolate fix you’ve got going on there!

This is definitely one for the big kids out there!

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French Vanilla Slice

The French Vanilla Slice even looks like a Cappucino, well, if you were to have a Cappucino in a glass that is! Made with vanilla custard, fresh cream, puff pastry and coffee icing, the French Vanilla Slice is a twin for a Cappucino!