Top Ten Ways to Bite into a Donut Bite filled with Nutella

Here’s our Top Ten ways to bite into a Donut Bite filled with Nutella!

Warming Bites is Best

Warm your Donut Bite filled with Nutella in the microwave oven for a beautiful oozing Nutella hit.

We’ve heard a lot of people suggest that Microwaving the bites really releases the freshness of the donut and helps the Nutella flow, but make sure you are careful when you eat them as the Nutella Bite could be hot! Try about 5-6 seconds on an average 1200 watt microwave, and adjust the time according to your own tastes.

Dip and Dunk Your Bites In Coffee

Everything tastes better with Coffee, not the least our Donut Bite filled with Nutella. Who could resist dunking your Bites in a coffee, making your Donut Bite filled with Nutella more of a a Mocha Nutella Filled Bite! Yummy!

Nutella Filled Bites and Ice Cream

This sounds like a great idea. Grab an ice cream cone and pop your warm Donut Bite filled with Nutella in the top of the cone, squish it down a bit so that the Nutella oozes out a little, then top with your favourite ice cream flavour for a fantastic flavour hit!

Here’s some more great examples from our friends

Sharon Hastings – Warmed up, topped with a spoon of peanut butter and a dollop of cream Yummo

Langley Smith – In one bite! with my mouth full! of squirting chocolate sensations!

Dee Hynes – I would microwave them till warm, enjoy them with a cuppa, while watching TV curled up on the couch with my blanky & pillow.

Kathryn Cava – I love to pull them in half and lick all the nutella out then enjoy the delicious soft bite with my coffee

Elizabeth Davey – Dipped in hot chocolate using the bite as a straw to suck the drink throught

Tina Peluso – Cut them in half spread more Nutella, zap in microwave for a few seconds and enjoy that chocolatey goodness !!!

Anastasia Starz – Reheated, then carefully use a scalpel slice into halves. Dip your finger in it and consume slowly