What does your pie say about your personality?

Nothing tells you more about someone’s personality than their taste in pies. So what does your choice of Pie say about you. Take a look at our fun-filled and flavoursome Pie Personalities:

Angus Beef Pie – Cultured and Classy

  • You’re the perfect combo of culture and tradition.
  • You are polite, well mannered, and a great listener – comfortable in society.
  • You bring knowledge and perspective to your interactions.
  • People admire you in a serious way, and can be intimidated by your presence, yet softened by your demeanour.
  • You are classy and articulate, thoughtful and introspective.
  • People like you for a while, but will go looking for something more fun eventually.
  • While emanating culture, class, and knowledge to others, you are most impressed with yourself, and secretly annoyed by others.

Beef, Bacon and Cheese Pie – Creative and Fun

  • You’re the perfect combo of substance and zest.
  • You are creative and sarcastic beneath the surface, you love inside jokes.
  • You are tranquil and serene on the outside, smiling and sweet to everyone.
  • Those who like you generally open up and share without reservation.
  • You’re popular and well liked, a fact that makes you happy, yet you don’t seek.
  • Interacting with you creates dependencies on you from others.
  • Where you are found, tears, laughter, and sweet memories exist.

Butter Chicken Pie – Saucy & Mysterious

  • You’re the perfect combo of mystery and lavish.
  • You are a perfectionist relating to quality, nothing is “over the top” when you plan .
  • You are fashionable and stylish, yet others are kept guessing what is your “look”.
  • Your relationships are silky smooth – you spoil those closest to you.
  • You’re the great communicator who loves to blog, facebook, and tweet, yet deep down you see yourself as mysterious.
  • Interacting with you can be described as audacious and rich, especially if it’s at an event you have planned.
  • You’re craved by people who feel bland in their lives, yet they view you as sporadic adventure that creates temporary nirvana.